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Free Loft Insulation Grants in Newport, Pontypool, Ebbw Vale and throughout Gwent.

All homeowners and private tenants qualify for a Government Loft Insulation grant regardless of financial circumstances (subject to survey).

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Is Loft Insulation really Free in Newport and throughout Gwent?

It is much easier to answer that question for Cavity Wall Insulation, because with Cavity Wall Insulation it has either been done or not been done, but with loft insulation there could be any amount of existing insulation in the loft, from none right up to 300mm (12 inches).

Because of the way that these Government Insulation Grants are funded (explained below) any existing loft insulation will reduce the amount of the insulation grant.

If there is no existing insulation in the loft, then it is almost certain that the loft can be insulated to 270mm (11 inches) free of charge. If there is more than 100mm of existing insulation then it is also almost certain that there would be no funding available. Here exists a dilemma - the recommended depth for loft insulation is 270mm, however if there is more than 100mm there is no funding. This is because of the way that the funding is calculated. When the depth of the existing loft insulation is between 1mm and 75mm, there will be some level of insulation grant available. Between 75mm and 100mm of existing loft insulation it is questionable and it will depend on numerous factors.

From next April (April 2017), the way that Loft Insulation will be funded will change, and customer contributions will undoubtedly increase.

We do of course undertake work where the customer simply pays for the job where no funding is available.


How is Loft Insulation Funded?

The Government have (for at least another couple of years) massive European targets to reduce Carbon Emissions. The Government, as Governments do, passed the buck. They gave a Legal Obligation to the Gas and Electricity companies to reduce Carbon Emissions. So if you want the Loft Insulated at your property, we need to calculate how much Carbon Emissions would be saved by insulating your loft.

We do this by carrying out an energy assessment of your property, which is free of charge, and we produce an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This will tell us how many tonnes of Carbon Emissions would be saved by insulating your Loft*. We then sell those Carbon Emission savings to one of the Gas and Electricity companies - and that is how it is funded. We all pay an amount on our fuel bills towards this fund, so yes, we pay for it, as usual.

* In order to calculate how much Carbon Emissions would be saved, loft insulation will have to be recommened within the EPC. If there is 100mm (4 inches) or more of existing loft insulation the EPC will not recommend a "top-up", and therefore there would be no insulation grant available. For some properties this can happen with just 75mm (3 inches) of existing insulation.

However, in April 2017, the system is being simplified and an energy assessment will no longer be required. Instead the Government will "deem" an amount of Carbon Emission savings for each type of property - terraced, semi-detached, 2 bed, 3 bed etc and different depths of existing loft insulation. The Government have already proposed "deemed Carbon Emission savings" figures, and they are somewhat less than what is being used today (20% to 25% less) - this will mean an increase in Customer Contributions in Newport from April next year.


Is my Loft suitable for insulating?

When we carry out the Energy Assessment of the house to produce the EPC, we will also carryout a thorough survey of the loft space to ascertain it's suitability. Any findings or concerns are then discussed with the customer. These could include but not limited to - damp, ceiling cracks, high amp cables, downlighters, wasps nests, evidence of rodents, condensation etc.

If Bats are present, you cannot have your loft insulated - they are a protected species, and must not be disturbed. However, the loft can be insulated during their "away period".


How is Loft insulation installed? 

Free Loft Insulation being installed

We don't use the "itchy stuff" any more.

We use what can be described as a "quilt" which the manufactures state "you could comfortably sleep on".

The rolls are brought into the house in "poly bags" and taken into the loft, where the insulation is removed from the bags.

The first layer of insulation is then laid between the joints, and a second layer is then laid at right angles to the first layer, that is across the joists.

Our technicians will then ensure that there is sufficient ventilation within the loft space. That is basically it. Each loft will have it's own set of circumstances such as downlighters, electicity cables etc., but these would have been noted during the initial survey and discussed with the customer.

An average semi-detached house would be completed in less than 2 hours, the empty bags removed and no mess to be seen.

All our technicians are fully insured.


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